15 Mar

Famous Women Designers Part 1 – Vivica Fox

Have you ever heard about Vivica Fox?

She is a very talented young lady who happens to be a great artist as well. She is the CEO and founder (and main designer) of the infamous Vivica Fox wig collection that is so widespread and popular all over the world now.

Who is Vivica Fox and Why Is She a Famous Woman Designer?

So to those of you who don’t know, designing wigs and other hair extensions is not an easy job. After all, we’re talking about sensitive items that women (and men) wear every day to hide their hair loss problems or other potentially embarrassing flaws they might be dealing with.

In other words, designing a wig is like designing a very intimate part of the human body. This is a job that should be taken very seriously.

Not only do the wigs have be good looking as masterpieces, they also have to be really authentic and natural looking, otherwise women will stop wearing them so frequently.

Luckily for us all, Vivica Fox managed to come up with just the perfect design collection of fashionable wigs.

You can check out her official collection in the video below:

Where to Buy Vivica Fox Wigs?

If you want to buy Vivica Fox’s beautiful and highly practical wig designers, all you have to do is visit a site that sells Vivica A. Fox wigs and hair accessories and place your order.

Usually, one of the best ways to obtain these extensions is via Amazon.com or a similar service.

All in all, we must be very proud of women like Vivica, because she spreads the very important message that women, too, can be very talented at arts and also at leading worldwide companies.

Vivica is a prime example of what women can achieve in their lives if they are persistent enough to work hard and not to let men rule over them.

Who Is Going to Be the Next Famous Women We Review?

So as you might have noticed, we started our weekly (if not monthly) session of reviewing famous women artists just to bring you even more inspiration to be proud of your femininity and your design work.

vivica fox and ardell

We started out by someone famous in the fashion industry, and most likely we’ll bring the next example of this era, too.

We don’t want to give away the whole farm, but more likely than not, our next famous women designer from the fashion and style territory is going to be Sydell Miller, one of the founders of the infamous Ardell lashes collection.

So stay tuned, our next Part 2 of this series will simply blow your mind much more than even today’s inspirational case study of Vivica A. Fox and her wig line.

7 Mar

Famous Women Designers Part 2 – Sydell Miller and Fake Eyelashes

Does this video seem familiar to you? If yes, congratulations! You’re already familiar with one of the most famous and well respected women artists, designers and company founders of human history: Sydell Miller, one of the founders of Ardell Lashes.

Ardell Lashes and History

ardell women's lashes

So the history of Ardell as a company and their famous false eyelash products is very simple.

There were two person, a man and a woman who were happily married, and one day they decided to found a company that would create artificial lashes for other women to look way sexier than they actually look in reality.

Of course this doesn’t mean that fake eyelashes are bad or anything like that, but it does mean that the idea originally came from a move that featured a woman who used to wear very big and prominent, but beautiful and very attractive, eyelashes.

Ever since then, wearing popular falsies has been adopted to mainstream society, and today even the most famous and wealthiest superstars such as actresses, artists, news anchors and musicians wear false lashes all the time.

Where Do They Buy Fake Eyelashes… ONLINE!

Of course the online world managed to conquer the offline stores in this area, too. For example, while Ardell was originally an offline beauty salon offering eyelash perm improvements to women, today it’s an online site selling their beauty products for women.

So all in all, there are of course other places where you can buy false eyelashes online, three of our favorites include:

  1. Wikihow’s Tutorial
  2. http://fakeeyelashessite.com/

These two places offer just the most amazing and highest quality, most authentic looking eyelashes in the world.

And that’s not all! Most of their products come with highly detailed, easy to follow and easy to understand tutorials (video and text based tutorial) that show you how to apply and use false lashes in your everyday life.

5 Mar

Designer Women and Designer Jewelry

So we’re pretty sure you already heard about the craze nowadays which involves the best designer jewelery types, like Tacori engagement rings, Leo Diamonds and so on.

These jewelry types are very famous amongst rich women who have nothing to do every day other than choosing what type of diamond jewelery to put on for the night’s social gathering, outing or a honeymoon.

The good news is, these designer diamonds are not totally out of the league of the “average” men. In fact, if you know the right places to look, you can get these designer Tacori rings created by talented women artist relatively affordable.

For example, here are our favorite online resources for buying Tacori engagement rings online.

As you can see, these sites offer high quality, high end designer jewelry (especially designer diamonds by famous women artists) that are really cheap.

For example, OneCaratDiamondRing.com is one of the most trustworthy and credible of all the diamond selling sites online, so you can surely trust the advice of their president, Sarah Smith.

Also, TheKnot.com is a very famous site selling wedding and engagement related stuff since … since a very very long time. A fun fact about The Knot is that they employ many incredibly skilled women who are really good designers and artists. This is one of the reasons why their wedding and promise rings are so well.sought all over the world: they have been designed by talented women who understand and appreciate the way women want to get married.

Turn to Us for Help in Choosing Your Designer Jewelry

So that’s all the theory and resources we wanted to show you.

Now let’s get down to some more serious advice giving. More precisely, we’d like to give you our free expert advice on choosing the right designer products and brands to choose from all the available options out there.

Here’s one video that will walk you through the whole maze of finding the right artists to design your jewels:

This is a video about the story of a famous woman named Vera Balyura, who is from the Ukraine and who has become a successful jewelry designer, showing a great example to other women who want to set out and pursue their dreams of becoming a big shot in the fashion industry.

And finally, please feel free to contact us for advice on how to choose your own jewels in the future. Thanks!

1 Mar

5 Women Artworks Worth Checking Out

So if you’re such a big fan of women artwork and women designs as I am, you’re really gonna love this article.

Below I’ll show you some amazing photographs and videos that all advertise what women are capable of doing when their creativity shines.

Yes, many “men” accuse women of caring about nothing more than shipping and fashion, but this blog post is the proof that there’s more to the truth.

Actually, women are very creative and talented artist… no wonder they are so much better at understanding and appreciating fashion than men.

For example, this website lists hundreds if not thousands of masterpieces of artwork created by talented artists… all of which are women.

 Photos about Women Being Good at Arts and Crafts

So as I already mentioned, women are really talented and creative when it comes to

  1. fashion
  2. arts
  3. and crafts.

In fact, according to many studies, they are a lot more talented than men, for example.

Just check out these videos and photographs that will convince you why women do such a great artwork. They simply have their feminine brains hardwired to be good at art and other esoteric subjects.

women in the arts

And also, here are a few YouTube videos that will show you what’s so amazing about women doing meaningful artwork:

Can You See Now? Women are Important for the World of Artists

The point is, despite what some male-oriented artists say and claim, women are very talented and they have every right to take a prominent place of the art world today.

If you’d like to see more proof of that or simply find out why women are so good at the arts, simply visit the links we showed you above, watch the photograph made by a famous woman, or check out the videos we embedded from YouTube.

That’s gonna be all for today, don’t forget to thank your girl friends and other women on the streets for creating such inspirational arts.

For any questions regarding this article or for any suggestions on what topics we should cover next, reach out to us at this address and let us know what you honestly think about this blog.

We appreciate all the feedback we get and we are really happy whenever you tell us your honest take and opinion on something.

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